Sunday, June 19, 2005

Microsoft Starts IT Academy

It looks like, the biggest strength that a company assuming after the next IT crisis will be MANPOWER.

Looking a interview someday before, with reference to a question “what we are importing from India", a gentleman of US replied "we are importing PEOPLE from India, the mind that design the best of anything".

Microsoft also going to start a academy in Karnataka.

This is the news:

"Microsoft India has announced the launch of its first IT Academy located at Gulbarga in the state of Karnataka. The IT Academy will impart IT training to teachers across the state, according to the MoU signed between Microsoft and the Government of Karnataka, for implementation of Microsoft's Partners-in-Learning program.

Under the MoU with the government of Karnataka, Microsoft has committed to setting up 3 IT Academy Centers in the state at Gulbarga, Bangalore and Dharwad respectively, for training over 20,000 teachers and 400,000 students (From class III to class XII) over a 5 year period.

That is a good news one-way, but definitely India losing the Gold in this MoU.

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Sujata said...

Its like "Everything has its own Pros and Cons".