Monday, June 06, 2005

Beautiful ...

Temperature here in New Delhi crept up and became 43 C yesterday. So, first Saturday, Sunday after joining the company when i was in home.

I really have to struggle to find any work in home, especially when my internet not working. Well read the old materials of C++ and Java. Anyway net works now, got a good site : for interview questions.

Dirty ideas came all the time in mind, we have that naa , "Empty mind is devils workshop". Sunday i was thinking how a person jump from my balcony so that he will be able to heard himself maximum. For such frusty man, better if he live for greatest pain: p.

Some small bad happening with us, force us to think so bad else Life is really very beautiful.

Oh !!! Beautiful .. i remember >>>

See the Mac beautiful Products :

Just Puneet told be the URL 2-3 minutes back.

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