Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cooking ... hmmm

I get prepared myself for cooking in home :). I bought everything cooker, plates, bla .. bla yesterday.

This is a new cultural shift I saw from olden time to new time. Most of the young generation ppl don’t know cooking... cooking is far, even they don’t know making tea... and surprisingly they feel themselves very great specially girls, they feel that they are not those girls who spent time in kitchen, they are modern. I don’t want to make any comment but I guess this is a stupid feeling/thinking they have!

These things, according to me, all ppl have to know, irrespective of the fact that they are boys or girls. I start cooking at an age of 12 or so. And from that time, I always used to help my mom in kitchen. Of course, no one is forcing me to do so, but this would give me a good time to take rest and talk in family.
My mother never gets hesitated that what my son will eat if I go to some place. She knows that he will make much better than what I ate daily: P

Today it’s the time to make Rajmaaaaaaaa :)

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Ankit Singla said... aap cooking bhi jante hain...gr8, so i m missing something, lagta hai ab to hyderabad aana hi padega
as far as i m concerned, i dont have any hesitation in learning cooking, nor do i consider myself modern (i know u were talking about girls), but thn also, i m stating my stand. the thing is that, i never got a chance nor was i very much enthusiastic...haan if my mom says, chal aaj tujhe cook karna sikhaun, then i wont b refusing her...
i guess, u got my point