Wednesday, May 10, 2006

This is forward ...

Emails, now days become one of the integral part of our life. Most of the business deals are done on it. And one thing I can say this is the EMAIL POWER because of which you can see most of the software industry neat and clean. But the real story begins from here >>

One more "most usable" form of Email: FORWARD mails.

And if I am not wrong then this ratio is correct:

Useful / Forwards = 0.1

And people are passing on and on and on those crap mail to all, they never bother to even read it before forwarding it.

I will tell you some funny instances of my last 3 days archive:

1. There is a bug found in Linux/Unix OS, writing this on terminal: "echo '82 43/25 43+65P80P82P73P76P32P70P79P79P76P10P' dc" will show the password of User and this is found by a 9 year old boy.

Even a first year B.Tech computer student can tell: 65P80P82P73P76P32P70P79P79P76P10P this is the ASCII form of APRIL FOOL! And even it skipped with mind, everyone know the implication of such a bug (if found) ... it will be the hottest news in any media.

2. Find this Bug in Nokia, Samsung and LG phones

Do you know your handset does not check the whole number you dial? It checks only last 8 digits.

Check to be done:
Take one number already stored in your mobile phone Example: a number putting any number instead of XX ...
...this will display the same name stored in your phone.

Now this funny guy don't know that last 8 digit is sufficient for a number to be unique, if they start checking all, how come call for +91 and 0 goes to same place.

3. Person Mr. X suffers from Lung cancer need his mail to forward to everyone. The same mail I guess I got in year 2002.

4. Person Mr. Y needs blood for his daughter, please send this mail to all, so that whole JAANTA can help him.

5. Some are dangerous.. if you will not send this mail to 10 ppl, something going to happen very bad with you.

We call our self-educated ppl and mentioned above are all examples of that.

I just want to tell these so called HIGH PROFILE ppl :

Don’t waste your time in forwarding these type of mails, don’t waste JAANTA time in reading these types of mails. .. And of course don’t waste my time by forcing me to write such blogs


Ankit Singla said...

hi bhaiya...
this was a nice one...
i forward mails, but never of 3rd,4th or 5th type...haan sometimes they are of 1st and 2nd type...ya thr is 6th type also, i.e. jokes or friendship messages i.e. no use mails but gud to read, but i guess kabhi kabhi chalta hai...waise bhi har cheez mein utility nahi dekhni chaiye ;)
morovr, if any of my friend doesnt like forwards, and he has told me abt tht fact, thn i dont trouble him anymore...and i stop forwarding mails to him/her without any hard feelings :)

Isha said...

This one is really true n the fwds tht i really hate is....horoscope...the mail tht r fwdin since wen i dont knw n everyday n week n month n yr u hv the same luck following u

seconly make a wish fwds and send it to particular num of ppl

Thts why i prefer written mails ;)