Sunday, May 21, 2006

Aparichit - The Stranger

Awesome movie! It will give you everything what you want from a movie - action, story, lesson, acting!
Ambi Ramanujam is a fastidious lawyer trying hard to impose rules at every step. He keep on seeing the world around him, no one is following rules and laws. He just get frustrate and keep on shouting, nothing else he can do!
And here comes Aparichit, second personality of the same man Ambi. He has a website On which people can mail their problem and Aparichit decide the judgment - only one - death.
Breaking rule is not buying a banyan - small, medium, large. It’s all very large and death is the only replacement.
Other side of the movie, Ambi loves Nandini (hey she is really cute) but Nandini don't want to marry a person - who is a complaint box. And Ambi disorder ness creates a third personality - Remo, a cool stylish man!
Aparichit is killing people according to the rules what written in mythology (Sanskrit terms are used for that), the rules that are followed by God.
Nandini get to know about his multiple personality when she tries to buy a land without proper document and Aparichit tries to kill her.
Doctor’s medical checkup puts the story in flashback when his sister gets killed because of electricity wire in water and his father lost the case! According to his father, everyone should be punished - one who made the road, electrician, who passes the tender, everyone!
And this is the reason for Ambi's multiple disorder ness. Remo personality is removed by Nandini telling him that he loves Ambi only. But Aparichit is still there.
Court decided to put Ambi in mental hospital and doctor told that if he will behave properly till 2 years, he will be free. No Aparichit till 2 years and Ambi become normal, he came out from the hospital, but he is still Aparichit.... and this is the end.
Awesome acting, proper Action stunt, perfect Animation and good dressing! I like to see Part-2. From ending it seems there should be a PART 2 of the movie.
The social lesson is great - if you are stealing 5 paisa it's a big crime, because you are doing it with 5 crore people.
Hindi dubbing is really bad :(.


Dinesh Kumar Atri said...

it was a good movie, the thought of movie was clear, and i like to see part-II of this movie with some positiveness and there was some defect in film which i notice that Aprichit should not do wrong but when Aprichit go to punish nandini and some other he not think about others who are facing deficulties due to his violence now great work can be there in part-II.

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brijesh said...

today's society is having a lot to learn in this movie. i think every individual of our country must try to reconcile the error in himself or herself first if people wants to see their nation as a developed nation. giving comments & doing analysis that's not enough it must be inculcated practically.

movie is more than a movie & a source of entertainment.