Sunday, May 07, 2006

Yesterday Once more ..

Oo.. Listen the songs of Funaa, its comci-comca (so-so)

When I came here in hyderabad, I was unable to think that why ppl here are so crazy about movies. After watching many telugu movie, you can defiantly tell that there story scripts are much better than Bollywood movies, on an average.

Not only that you can get a better taste of song, dance and comedy.

Last weekend i saw the movie "36 China Town", CRAPP !! ... The story is not even enough for a 30 min TV serial. After coming outside my friend asked me " Had you watched the movie "JewelThief" ...

It was a movie I guess of 60's .. No special effect facilities were at that time .... still one can see the beauty of the movie.
Remembering the song " Yesterday Once more ... " :)

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Isha said...

Old is always Priceless :)
Almost every song carry meaning with them.

I m nt sayin ki aaj ke songs meaninless hote hai but they have beats more than words....wht say