Thursday, May 11, 2006

Keep on Playing ...

Yo Man ! I heard a good news yesterday.
TT Table is now available in our new office. For playing that, now I don't have to go to main office.
I am crazy about playing, not only TT, any game. In college time, I started playing badminton at 5.00 PM and continuously play till the watchman wala didn't force me to go :).

Same was the case when I was in school. Sometimes, we missed 1-2 periods and kept on playing Football.

I remember one instance, there was a teacher name S.D.Singh. He was our math teacher - good,tall, intelligent and too strict :( .
Once we bunked his class because the match was on draw position and we didn't want to leave the match without winning and I guess same was the thought of opponent. In the meantime, we got a call that COME COME S.D.SINGH was calling you all ... Oh God !! We did a blunder, but lets go !!

We went to class, with shirt out, hair down, and lots of sweat on face, hands. He saw all and said " Master, what you all are playing" . "Football Sir !!". "Hmm, its good for health, carry on. Now first let me finish the class, then go for football" he smiled.

That was a surprise. And great people mostly give surprises :)


Sujata said...

Enjoy...TT can be addictive!

Vaibhav said...


Already addicted :(

Isha said...

TT n badi both r my favs ;) ...u knw tht
yaar is blog ko padh kar coll ki eve ki yaad taza ho gaye :)
u knw one night i hv to do night stay in hostel just bcoz it was very late for me to go home sec-34(tht time) as was busy playin badi :) or mum se kaha tha ki proj wrk ki wajah se night stay karna pada hai.....hey lekin next din sach bol diya tha