Thursday, May 18, 2006

Software Industry and Overtime

No one get surprise by seeing this ! Overtime is a very common "used" word in Software Industry.
Up to many extend, one's appraisal and future is dependent to this overtime. I don't know why, but all the senior person want his/her subordinates to do overtime. It's like someone greatest appreciation "I had worked till 12.00 PM yesterday"
Life is simple, but we want it to be more complex. Frankly speaking if I decide to finish the work before 6.00 PM, I do it in any cost except that your day is bad or some mishappening occurs with you, your work.
This trend originates from US, UK client where the daytime is 360 degree to ours, and so for maintenance or online support project you have to be available there at night. But trend converted into craze and craze converted into habit.
How come we forget that God created us as human. Health, family relationship is something for us.
Just think that "Is it necessary to stay their in office, Is someone is not waiting for you their in home, Is not you love to see sunset and sunrise ?"


sujata singh said...

Good thoughts... cant we change this trend of "habit" of doing overtime??
i feel miserable for the ppl who keep delaying their tasks just for getting more and more value.
when i finish my work earlier and do my own works of interest, they think i m doing timepass... heh, but those ppl might not be thinking that they themselves are wasting their time!!
And you will be surprised to know that i made sm of them to realize this fact... now they also enjoy doing their work apart from their usual job :)

Vaibhav said...

ya in some company like ST Micro. ppl need to tell "Why he is there and why he want overtime ?" Many good companies know that doing overtime means the work is not sch'ed properly or emp.'s are not working effeciently.

Abhishek said...
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Abhishek said...

You are absolutely right! When working in CMC, it took me 2-2.5 hrs coming back. Yet I could leave after 7.30 only and then also, my manager's eyes seemed to be stuck on my back!
It was truly terrible. But sometimes (nowadays) I stay late doing my personal work : )

Isha said...

Hey vaibhav,

But what if you want to leave early but you cant bcoz of some stupid work that you cant leave for other day or on some other person.

Isha said...

2nd query :) as usual...lots of ques :)
n wht one shuld do if he/she is alone, no one to talk other than phone or short no work to do in hostel :( where u have only one work to do n ie think think n think
so in this case office(where u hv wrk stupid hi sahi but still u r busy) is better or hostel???????