Saturday, July 04, 2009

Working Through Pain .. how through anger !

"This is how you can control pain. Pains can be either interior or exterior. Interiors are the one which we deny. Pains are leading down to the path we desire .... go through it !" Last Friday, I had injured 2 of my fingers and suddenly this dialogue flashed out in my mind from movie "Gotham Knight". Most of us have seen "The Dark Knight". 1st part of Batman movie was "Batman Begins" and very few of us know that there is a animated movie came in between these 2 to fill the gap between movies.

Gotham Knight is a splendid movie, with 6 stories in one movie. And the best one is "Working Through Pain"(Story 5th), a movie based on Indian Spiritual. Bruce(Batman) came to learn how to control pain from fakir but fakirs denied and he learned from a woman name Cassandra(now this not sounds like an Indian name). She taught that any pain can be controlled by spiritual power. Control your internal pain to overcome your external pain.

Yes, pains are part of life. The best way to overcome is to neglect its existence. If it take the shape of fear, it can be more dreadful.

Great, I need such a nice movie to control my angry. Lot of people complaint me that you got angry...soon... how to control it, when it come and go, if it's genuine why to control it .. lot of questions from self :).

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