Thursday, July 30, 2009

Backup of Time

Old saying "Time and Tide never wait for anyone". But unfortunately I am not a good follower of this. I love time flowing without any output. I won't mind if my chat window is open from last 3-4 hrs or I take 1 hr to finish my tea. Its all fun. But in that case most of the time we need to ready with the backup of time which is time itself. At end, sacrifice sleeping time :).

3.00 Night: 2 days back: I was struggling with some security code and cursing myself I should have finish this in office but never mind, lets finish it now. Sitting for long time, back was paining. There is an interesting phenomena with pains, it always comes with boring work. I never felt any pain while chatting or watching movie. Main work was over and I had left with copy paste in some 20 files with same changes. Somehow, I learn lot of shortcuts of vi editor which always is a nightmare for me.

11.00 AM, yesterday : Tax return. O yes, when is the last day. Someone told me tomorrow. Today morning I searched my whole file/folder for form 16A and finally I got that inside my bag. I reached office, asked my friend, what to do with this. He told me tomorrow is the last day. He knew that I will delay it for one more day. One of my friends told me it's easy to fill online now. And he explained me complete stuff, its really easy. I saved my 300 Rs, just because my bones are lazy.

Doing everyone on time is good, but doing everything at the end of time is fun. It stress out, it can screw your work... sometime even it can break you and you will just give up.

Final conclusion: Don't take this path, but if you have taken don't worry of result :).

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