Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sleepless nights

Gradually I moved towards the clock and it was 4.00 AM(for absolute,else we call it night). Suddenly I reminded my college day when we were making a project for ST Microelectronics. We were working continuously on a problem for last 3 days, an open eyes of 70-75 hrs and yet full of excitement - zero pain. Finally we had delivered that in own style and ranked in top 3 project(this is how ST guys told us, for self-satisfaction, we said we were 1st :D )
Thanks to Vijay, my project partner and a great coder. He used to make 15-20 cups of coffee in a day to make us alive and forced us for zero sleep for 75 hrs. After finishing the project .. uff don't ask me, luckily there was 2 toilet in my flat :). Challenges can be conquered in many way, do a systematic work or do a passionate work... believe me both can't go together for long ! If he said yes, it can... he can only be your manager. I was back from my dream and it was 4.50 ... Well I most of the time choose later.

Knowing that I would make it out, I started searching for movies in my hard disk.. almost all were seen !! What ? Some were seen more than 5-6 times. I lost interest in watching movies and if I watch its a series movie of Super Hero's. Why not, we all are super hero... just that we are not bitten by spider or we don't fear with bats or we don't have a special sword.. everyone of us has capability to save life... more than ones, twos..or many !

I opened my laptop and start looking some animations(my work)... a vivid idea came to open gtalk and talk with friends.. but at that time I would get US guys, I don't like talking to most of them because they are busy most of the time explaining their problems which is not at all a problem in India.. like I am feeling lonely here.. what the heck, "I told you to go their and live a lonely life". It's always a choice to live with society and up bring it or leave the society and see a new one... decision is simple "Listen to yourself"

Though night was cloudy, I decided to move on roof to see what nature can show me. My mother used to do "Chhath" puja and we always had that excitement to see rising sun. We pray for rising and falling sun with a believe that "Sun is the only God which can be seen". People as usual demand their wish and God Sun is supposed to fill it. I don't know what she was demanding from last 7-8 years. Maybe, her children do good, ya...sounds like an easy guess ! God give more than what is required and less than what is desired and this is where fate comes into picture...

There was no sun but it's existence was claimed by lights. I was able to see those random buildings of Bangalore. There is a fun in randomness, we stop and try to find out a part of symmetry in it ... nothing is random.

I decided to move for office.. forgotten what happened last day and what will happen today. It's just a good day and no one can make it bad for me, except me.


Abhishek said...

One problem is that guys settled in other countries are too far cut off from the problems faced by our country now.

Bad monsoon and impending drought is not a concern for them. Maoists are not a problem for them. Mayawati erecting statues is not an issue for them!

Their life is bit too isolated from ours! But then it is their life, their decision.

Vaibhav said...

yes, one of my friends added a good point.. most of our doctors done the degree from London.. and there is a point !

Learning skills and coming back .. this trend is missing in IT culture !

ubuntu said...

@Asty , i disagree ...

I react the same way as you guys when you read about the immense heat wave in north India or power cuts by Bhakra Nangal dam. It is just the you guys can feel the pain and I can't . Though we both cannot do much about it and just wait. I also cursed Mayawati and BSP on reading that they spent 1000 crore on statues and was happy to see SC has sent a notice to Mayawati.

I agree there are issues that effect people living in India more then living in outside world and there is always different to live in middle of the action, but I don't think that makes us less empathetic towards them, (i hope i am not sounding like an NRI, i want to come soon asap :) )

@Chou - nice post, semi philosophical type.

Vaibhav said...

hmm .. u are different !

Yatin Sethi said...

Liked ur post dude :) The point about US guys is sooo cool :D hehe .. agree with you :)

Vaibhav said...

thanks :)