Monday, July 06, 2009

Common solution of common problem in a common city

1. You are finding it different from your world - different language ?

- Listen Music most of the time, buy items in bulk. Talk less, listen to them more.

2. You find city too costly ?

- Don't compare on absolute scale. I can get vegetables at 2 Rs Kg in Bihar, but I will not get a job. Best, don't compare at all.

3. You find people are not helpful ?

- Good people are always around. You need sometime to figure out. Servery your local market and try to figure out what is good and what is bad. Good is good, bad is not good.

4. Body not suiting the condition ?

- Its true, every time when you make change. Body need time to get out from comfortable zone. Eat safe, drink safest, at least for some initial days.

5. Hair Fall ?

- Follow above 4 steps. Hair fall for young is a sudden process, it's not gradual. Take extra care when you change place. If you are a junk food eater or a drinker, avoid it for some initial day. Don't take worries of not getting a room on rent, water is not coming bla bla .. just think 60 percent of population lives like that, you can as well, at least for 4-5 days.

6. Expense going too high ?

- City can't help. Last month I tried to put my life in least money. 3K is enough to do everything(house rent apart). Fun is not listening your girlfriend on phone for hours, fun is listening the air waves that hit trees in your park. Go and give a try.

7. Missing parents ?

- Then you never understood them. Relation is all about understanding, feeling has less work to do. Parents want you to do good, whatever you do, where ever you live. Remember their random lessons.

8. Missing friends ?

- Make new.

9. Weekend fun ?

- Figure out your passion, work on it. Figure out the society that needs you, help them. Sarukh has nothing to do with you and so you with him. Don't watch movie for sake of time pass. Watch if it's worth. Good news is 1 out of 10 is worth.

10. Sick of traffic ?

- Avoid it. Your boss will be happy if you reach office 1 hour early and leave 1 hr late.

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