Saturday, July 11, 2009

Existence of God within me/without me

It was a funny day. Six Gmail status have something related with God.

My Delhi trip's are always exciting one. My big brother decided to settle down in US and my Dad took transfer to hometown Patna(there is a place which belongs to us, for everyone there is a place...). Delhi is always a common point to meet. Though most of the time I find only my mother near me. Like other mom's, she watch all kind of Saas-Bahu serials and associate the character of serial with real life. Fun was one day when she and a friend of her were buying some vegetable and talking "Akansha maar gaye(died)" and my father was in deep shock. Upstairs he asked "someone in this society ??" and then he got to know Akansha is a character in some serial.

Apart this and like other maaji, she go to Satyasang everyday from 10-12 AM. Actually I appreciate Satyasang work , if your Guru is good(which you have to suppose he/she is) he/she will relate God to real life and then you will sense a purity of what you do in daily life. Howver, my definition of God is something different. I just say it's an unbiased power that stop me doing wrong and start me for doing right. Yes, I do believe, I do have a God in frame and I do believe fate exists.

Hindu mythology is so old that existence of truth is no where or very less. But ever character is written by a Genius. Every single character is loaded with lessons and a common one "you have to pay for everything you did". It's almost impossible to think a Ramayana better than Valmiki's Ramayana or a Mahabharata better than Vyasa.

Yes, there is a different school which say "God exists within". They say there is no God in statue and frames. God resides inside us. The fav. quote of Kabir ...

"Pahan puje hari mile tu mey puje pahar
isse tu chaki bhali pise khaya sansar"

If we get God by praying stones, I am willing to pray whole mountain. Its better to use that stone in making chaki(wheat mixer made of stone), at least World can eat.

Hmm...what you say ! We are the God. Lets take it in most positive way. If we done great, be thankful to God(what it is ??), if we screwed up things, we are responsible not God :). Honesty is God, loving someone is God, crying in other pain is God, Smile is God, Patience is God, Giving is God... Yes, he is in action not in representation.

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Traveller38 said...

I love what you wrote. I believe also if 'God" whatever is within us we must do what we supposed God must do!! feed the hungry and shelter the homeless. Give love around us...act love.