Thursday, July 09, 2009

Moving Ahead !

"Nadiya..", it was quite strange, I have never heard a name like "Nadiya...". Thought a bit who had given her this name. Came back from my thoughts and I asked "which class you study". She replied "2nd standard". Sometime back I got to know that they moved to the next standard, so I asked "completed 1st", she smiled and turned her head with a closed eye. It was beginning of our class at a new location, Sheva Shishu Ashram(orphanage home of 60 kids), with new excitement. She came near me and crossed her fingers with my palm and smiled. I asked "what is your name" ...

Don't remember the date, I asked one student "tell me about your best day" in an interview and he said "yet to come, Sir". 4 weeks back, our gang started computer class in Shishu Seva Ashram, Wilson Garden. It was a great excitement in kids. Before starting the class, Subhash(a bright student of Sheva Shishu) came to whiteboard and made the diagram "Parts of computer". I told him to add speakers and CD drive into the diagram which he had done it in 10 seconds and then labeled it. Class started ... "where we use computer". Abhishek(a bright kid of Shishu Seva) replied "Banking Sir". It was a fascinating answer and I remembered "best day is yet to come".

Please join us to give them what we called "best day" of life.

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Dreamer said...

awesome post, but thats not it... wheres the remaining story.... bring it on!!! :)

Vaibhav said...

thanks Dreamer :). Rest part will come soon !